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weapon of war

bella liu-ayyagary
corvus ▪ 20 ▪ she/her ▪ full bio!

bella is my first and most popular dc/yj oc! in short she's a sword fighter, a lathoid (original alien species), and a true solider at heart.

Birdcage Divider by Picandou

bella can come off as intimidating, but she's actually very caring and protective over loved ones. she can be a bit immature, sassy, and aggressive in battle but she's always looking out for younger members and can have a real "big-sister" vibe if needed. she struggles to balance her aggression and stubbornness with her kinder traits and has a large fear of commitment. she is paired with jason todd (red hood).


Caw by Blobiconslathoid biology | strength increases with anger
Caw by Blobiconsaccelerated adaptation | flight
Caw by Blobiconsswordsmanship | kickboxer/dirty fighter
Caw by Blobiconsshort temper | weak to electricity | vulnerable to cold

battle stats

Caw by Blobiconsleadership: 7/10 | stealth: 6/10
Caw by Blobiconsstrength: 8/10 | endurance: 7/10 | speed: 4/10
Caw by Blobiconscommon sense: 2/10 | agility: 4/10 | hand to hand: 7/10
Caw by Blobiconsintelligence: 6/10 | morality: 3/10
Caw by Blobiconswillpower: 3/10 | strategy: 7/10
*note: certain stats may increase/decrease
the longer in battle

corvus animation by QueensNebula
corvus chibi by Estrella-Angel
base coding by peechesncreme (edited by me)

sour cherry pit

ni'a euu'onn
mistress ▪ 18 ▪ she/her ▪ full bio!


lady of balance

rosemary young
coven ▪ 16 ▪ she/her ▪ full bio!


dragon born of ink

tatsu sumi
irezumi ▪ 21 ▪ he/him ▪ full bio!



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how did you find out about me? 

33 deviants said young justice/dc
6 deviants said total drama
3 deviants said original work
1 deviant said adventure time
No deviants said code lyoko



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I like plants, arcade/carnival games, comics, serious conversations about not so serious topics, dungeons&dragons, fantasy things, and cereal.
I have a thing for blondes and if you wanna talk about ocs I can go on forever
"grow old, not up."
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DreamTeam banner by xioccolate
Coven pixel by jellyfishgalaxy
box codes by egseu & babypink-jpg
Jayella pagedoll by Estrella-Angel
Coven art by cupiovulpes
song: "Waving Through a Window (Cover) by Owl City"
DC comics/Young Justice
South Park
Adventure Time
The Walking Dead
Code Lyoko
Miraculous Ladybug

full oc list

Original Species

Beyonds - sub race of humans; they are capable of projecting their deepest regret or desire into a tangible ability
Illumosa - ancient religion; they are tasked with keeping peace in the world, lighting them through humanity's darkest times
Lathhumans - hybrids; offspring of Lathoids and Humans
Lathoids - alien race; an ancient and cursed species who are doomed to a cycle of birth, quick evolution/adaptation, and extinction until they learn how to love
Veneficas Vitae - sub race of witches; practicers of Lanian (intangible) and Wiccrion (tangible) magicks who focus mainly on the aura, soul, and life of the user


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Jun 26, 2017
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Jun 26, 2017
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Jun 26, 2017
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Jun 25, 2017
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