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Dream Team App: Corvus by Triskata Dream Team App: Corvus by Triskata

SO I finally managed to put this together aka I had the day off from work
Bella got an upgrade!!! you can finally see her sword! and this version is actually shaded WHAAAAAA????
and you might be wondering why I used yellow and not gray!!? WHELP the black didn't look right to me but the yellow went well with her armor

ALSO, she got an emblem!!! it's just a cartooned wing BUT IT'S HER'S
I'm gonna update her bio with new things and the ref of the picture and I'm working on her s1 and all her civvies TRUST ME IM TRYING

EDIT 2/25/17: I'm trying to flesh out her species abilities causes I realize that there's actually a lot I can do with Accelerated Adaptation. Also because of the DreamTeam battle coming up, I wanna try and go more deep into her powers and weaknesses! Creating a new species is super fun because I've actually done so much research and I'm having a lot of fun learning all this new stuff!!



Name: Yjarc Kura (lathoid) | Annabella Liu-Ayyagary (human)
Nickname(s): Bella, Bell, The Bird Girl, Birdy (Jason), Little Crow (Kent)
Species: (Defected) Lathoid
Race: Htuue
Age: unknown [lathoid] | 13 (s1), 18-19 (s2) [human]
Birthday: May 16th, 1997 (chosen)
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Gender: agender (she/her pronouns) *read Bella's full bio to find out why
Sexual Orientation: Demiromantic Pansexual
    Bella was born Yjarc Kura on the planet Lathoia. Her mother, Yjarc Hura, was a non defected lathoid, who was arranged to mate with Jore, Bella's father, due to Hura being shorter than average (an undesirables trait amongst lathoids) and Jore being fully defected, something frowned upon among her species. Usually bred in liters, Bella was born with a twin brother, Yjarc Hir, and two other sisters who died during childbirth, a common occurrence due to lack of technology and medicine. She was raised in Htuop, the section of her planet closest to the sun, and was never really handed anything. Lathoids believe that rewards and a full life will be rewarded to those who work for it, so Bella was raised with tough love from her mother and a caring attitude from her father, which needless to say, confused the small child. Possessing the defect, Bella was constantly subjected to racism and ignorance amongst peers and elders and grew up keeping to herself.

    This was her life until she and her brother were kidnapped one night and forced into the Htuop section of the Satfnuv army. A large war had broken out among Saftnuv and Juiiqp (the ground and water regions), and Satfnuv was kidnapping Htuop residences to stand up against the much larger Juiiqp army. Branded with the Satfnuv’s symbol, she was treated horribly until she showed no more signs of her defect. Forced to learn to suppress it, Bella was brainwashed into becoming a ruthless soldier. Though unlike her brother, Bella had an easier time suppressing her defect, which caused Hir to be executed as punishment. When she witnesses this, something inside of Bella snapped and she attacked the executioner, earning her praise from her elders later on.

    Some time later, a group of intergalactic peace keepers, some green and blue Lanterns, and a few Justice League members arrived at her camp, liberating the prisoners. The group was sent by the Lantern Corps as part of a treaty/contingency plan set ages ago. Bella, feeling the feelings of relief and gratitude once again, she was unaware of what to do when this happened. She soon gravitated towards Hawkgirl, whom Bella assumed to be a lathoid because of her wings, reminding her of her mother. Annoyed by the girls constant presence, Hawkgirl finally talked to the girl. After talking to her, and some convincing from other JL members, Shayera took her back with her. Upon arrival on Earth in December of 2006, Bella was given a human identity, training, and shown kindness, something she had not been exposed to in a long time. Three years later she was put on the team.

About Her

Bella has been known to come off a bit cold and intimidating but once you get to know her she's very caring and protective over loved ones. While she can act a bit immature (breaking out all the puns) and a goof who often lacks common sense, deep down she's someone who is wise and insightful when needed be. Younger members of the team often go to her when they need advice or just a hug when they've had a bad day. Bella is also very extroverted and loves having a good time. She loves to party and go clubbing with friends but she's also down for a night in with movies and takeout. She may seem goofy but she's the type to pick a street fight with you if you mess with her friends, and win. Her bad traits are that she's very blunt with her truths and the way she talks to people which can sometimes hurt them. She has a tendency to be agressive when angry and sometimes quite the sarcastic asshole. She's also known to be quite sassy, flirtatiously playful, and likes to poke fun at her friends, pointing out flaws in a joking manner. She means no harm by this but it can often go too far. Her closer friends are aware of this and have no problem taking jabs from her as they often deliever some back, but newer acquaintances are often hurt. Close friend or not, Bella will always watch out for her teammates during a fight or mission. She's a reliable leader and strong fighter, but she still has trouble with knowing when younger and less experienced team members are ready for more dangerous missions.    
During s1, Bella struggled with showing a softer side of her and letting people in. She feared abuse from others as that was how she was treated for years on Lathoia. As the year comes to the end, Bella starts to open up and act kind towards her friends. During the time skip, Bella embraces her kinder side more, but starts to have trouble with her reckless and aggressive side. She often sees it as too brutal and finds it rather difficult to connect with people. When Bella met Jason, they quickly bonded over their similar aggressive personalities and difficulty to connect with people because of it. Bella was able to offer Jason an escape from the world as she was someone who understood him. And Jason showed Bella that her defect and her aggression is who she is, and it's ok to be yourself...because yourself, is pretty damn great.
Inspired By: Andy Dwyer, Lilly Singh, Annie Leonhart, Kida, Yang Xiao Long, Phoebe Buffay
Occupation: waitress (16-19, 24+)
- puns/jokes/witty banter
- fruit
- Starbucks
- breaking rules
- loud music
- gummy candy/sweets
- meat from birds
- bullies
- people suddenly leaving
- cold weather
- cats
- racism
Hobbies: kickboxing, clubbing, hanging with friends, paintball, bike mechanics/small engine repair, hiking/camping
Fears: receiving abuse, large crowds, mosh pits, losing loved ones, abandonment, witnessing death of a loved one, deep/large bodies of water, is v weary of cats
Talents: singing, kickboxing, comebacks, gymnastics, beat boxing, card games, crosswords


Height: 5'3 (161.5cm) [s1] | 5’7 (170cm) [s2+]
Weight: 112lbs (132lbs w/wings) [s1] | 131lbs (151lbs w/wings) [s2]
Skin Tone: medium olive
Eye Color: dark grey (lathoid) | dark brown (human)
Hair Description: fluffy and bouncy, naturally fades to black at the tips. It's usually kept in a medium to short length with front side bangs, sweeping to the left. It also angles up in the back when it's shorter, classifying it as a "lob" cut.


Yjarc Jore
Mother: Yjarc Hura
Siblings: Yjarc Hir †, possible younger siblings
Other: Kent Nelson † (honorary grandfather), Shayera Tal (mother-figure), Wally West (surrogate brother), Dinah Lance (aunt-figure)
Best Friends: M'gann M'orzz, Mira Nikolaev, Dimitri Spiros, Kayanna Sanders, Isis Mason, Tundra Sobolevsky
Friends: Wally West, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Ayasha Suagee, Ryder Cunningham, Artemis Crock, Raquel Ervin, Tim Drake, Roy Harper II
Love Interest: Jason Todd ❤

Hero Information

Code Name: Corvus
Place of Origin: Htuop, Lathoia
Current Residence: Blüdhaven, CN
Affiliations: The Team, Justice League, The Batfamily, The Hawks
Powers and Abilities:
- Lathoid Biology
- Lathoid Mentality
- Swordsmanship
- Kickboxing/Dirty Fighting  

            *for more details on Bella's powers and abilities, click here

Weapons: Sword, Gauntlets/Armor (both made of Nth metal), Glamour/Enchantment Charms (hides her wings and tail feathers), talon (the sharp claws on her talon can be used as a weapon)
Strengths: her determination, her loyalty, her chivalry, her bravery, melee fighting, guerrilla fighting, stealth, refuses to give up, her compassion towards loved ones
Weaknesses: her willpower, cold/snow/ice, any amount of shock/electricity, her over protective nature, her stubbornness, her pride, her immaturity, little morals towards hurting people, her aggression, allergic to nyquil, common human diseases (cold, flu, etc.), amoxicillin, and ethonal is extremely poisonous to her species
Quote The Describes Her: "My past does not define me."

Extra Information

- “I'm not crying! I'm just allergic to jerks!”
- “You guys are no fun...”
- "I could punch him in the face...just putting that out there..."
- "Guess I'll just wing it."
Theme Song: 8tracks
Food: Blueberries
Drink: Iced coffee
Color: Maroon
Animal: Crow
Element: Fire
Season: Summer
Flower: Atropa belladonna (more commonly known as Deadly Nightshade)
Scent: Burning wood


full bio - YJ Bio: Bella Liu-Ayyagary aka Corvus

Corvus belongs to me
Dream Team App by Estrella-Angel 
New outfit inspired by the redesign android-zura did
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WrittenInTheRoses Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Student Writer
Wow! I like Bella~! Ene (Smile) [V7] She has an interesting history and I love her hair! So wavy and of course, gorgeous....*reads profile in quick manner.* SHE LIKES ICE COFFEE?! She and Athena needs to be FRIENDS.....or at least coffee drinking buddies. Yami Marik grin 
Triskata Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww thanks!! and yeah everyone likes her hair haha

And I read Athena's profile and she seems cool! Only thing is she likes in Metropolis and Bella's in Blüdhaven/Gotham
WrittenInTheRoses Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Student Writer
You're welcome!

oh, Athena now lives in Star city, I updated her...but these two could still meet in their spare time.
Triskata Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Those are opposite sides of the country, might be a bit hard xD
WrittenInTheRoses Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Student Writer
Hm, you do have a good point. Webcam anyone? XD I mean Mallory does help out a lot of heroes, they don't see her face until like maybe their fourth or fifth mission with her guiding them....maybe Bella ends up seeing Mallory for the first time as Mallory is drinking coffee and they get into coffee talk after the mission? -.0 Mallory could make an appearance in visiting the base since by the time she's helped many young heroes, EVERYONE who's been guided by her would probably want to meet her face to face.
Triskata Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
mmmm maybe
Corvus isn't a young hero tho, besides she's horrible at first impressions haha
WrittenInTheRoses Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Student Writer
It's totally fine. I was a little jump happy. ^^; 
Triskata Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh no no it's ok!
I'm glad you were excited about our ocs like I love when people get excited over my ocs c:
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Estrella-Angel Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Bruh she better get a hostler for dat sword cause thats gonna cut her for sure.

Also i like that you used yellow instead of grey for the app, it fits with her color scheme really nicely~ 
And are her tips died black?
Triskata Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Corvus's species skin is to think to be cut by Earth metal so she doesn't really need one
But I feel like the team would make her get one after she moves by people and cuts them lol

And aww thanks!
and no the tips are natural! I wanna give her design more black/dark features to it since she isn't human but I'm still figuring it out
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